What to Know About Dry Drunk Syndrome. What is it & whom does it effect?

Recovering from alcohol use disorder can be a long, tough process. When you choose to stop drinking, you’re taking a significant first step 

One potential challenge involves “dry drunk syndrome,” a slang term that originated in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 

In other words, someone who’s sober might still “act drunk” or deal with the same issues that led them to quit drinking in the first place 

Due to the implication that someone is not trying hard enough to recover, the term has negative connotations, and AA now discourages its use 

There is little scientific evidence for the existence of dry drunk syndrome. However, some people consider it to be part of post-acute withdrawal syndrome 

PAWS is a seriesTrusted Source of psychological and mood-related symptoms that can occur after a person stops taking a substance 

A person experiencing symptoms of PAWS should not feel shame or discouragement. These symptoms can be a normal part of the recovery