Ways to Fix Can’t Download or Save Images from Google Chrome on PC

However, the save image function may give issues at times. In that case, right-clicking the image and tapping “Save Image as” won’t do anything 

A quick restart can solve most temporary glitches and issues. However, if you’re still unable to save images from Google Chrome, try clearing its cache and browsing data 

Doing so will fix most underlying issues, and you’ll now be able to download images from Google Chrome without any issues 

If you don’t see the “save image” option or if it simply doesn’t work, you can still save images by dragging and dropping them to your desktop 

To drag, hold your click over the image in Chrome and then drag the mouse to the bottom right-hand corner to show the desktop 

If none of the methods above work for you, boot your computer into a clean state and try if the feature works now 

Also, quickly run an eye over the extensions installed on Chrome. Remove the ones you installed recently and check again