'Cuteness Overload': Dog Begs Owner To Move Cat off Bed in Adorable Video

While cats and dogs are markedly different pets around the home, it's still common to find them cuddled up together 

Regardless of his understandable apprehension, his reaction to the cat's invasion of his private space struck a chord with many on social media 

"Awwwww poor baby," kunji2 wrote, with bellbottom2 commenting: "His little face is begging you." 

Hawthorne, meanwhile, said: "Even doggos know you can never move a sleeping kitty. He has cuteness overload and so do I," with Helene2290 adding: "He is so sweet." 

Veronica Kumburis wrote: "Awhhhh my dog will do the same thing...let the cat lay in HER bed and she'll lay on the floor but look at me for help!! 

Others felt a tinge of sympathy for the crestfallen canine. "Poor doggy," Araceli said 

"He knows not to mess with cats. Mommy has to step in." Gwen Tipton agreed it was "that's not fair to the dog."