MOST households will have bought or are currently using a whitening toothpaste, STOP using it

Everyone wants to get whiter, brighter teeth and not pay hundreds of pounds to sit in a dentist’s chair

There are lots of at-home products that claim to report to whiten teeth, however, almost all of them do not have a strong research base 

Many of the major brands that can whiten teeth over one session are likely too good to be true, and the effects are often short lived 

That being said, there is one that can be bought without seeing a dentist which uses a mild bleach called PAP 

Dr Sahil explained: “Whitening toothpaste typically contain a higher level of abrasive, which is how it gives the whitening effect"

Initially this can sound promising because it will give you a result, however the enamel is only half a millimetre to one millimetre thick

This includes sensitivity, your teeth could get even yellower as a result of loosing the enamel and needing more dental work later in life