A minor update to the share UI in Google Docs and Drive has a surprisingly big impact 

As originally reported by 9to5Google, the new share menu is significantly smaller, and all of its elements are more compact and better organized 

The first thing you’ll notice is that “Share with People” and “Get Links” have been condensed into one box 

In the previous version, Sharing with Individuals had its own stand-alone box, with another box for sharing links just below it 

In the new Share interface, the “Get Links” box has been completely removed, and you can now copy the link with the button in the bottom left corner 

The “Share with people” section is largely unchanged. It’s named “People with Access,” but otherwise the steps for sharing files with different people are unchanged 

This can be set to Restrict (where only added people can see the link), a specific workspace, or anyone with the link 

Overall, these are useful changes to the sharing UI. Consolidating the copy link button, in particular, is going to save a lot of time