What it means, if your Child Tax Credit didn't come? Child Tax Credit deposited on Friday

Time to check those bank accounts. More money was scheduled to be heading to families Friday for the August payment

Some households report that they woke up Friday to see the money in their accounts — just like they did on July 15

But others hit social media Friday morning in shock and wondering: What happened? Where’s my money?

For some, it could seem that the IRS’s Friday drop date is looking like the release date for Kanye West’s upcoming “Donda” album

Troubled taxpayers on social media Friday couldn't understand why they were looking at a longer wait than expected to receive their cash

After checking IRS.gov website to review their status, some taxpayers learned that their advance child tax credit would be mailed this time

"Got last month's DD no problem," one said. "This month's says it will be mailed. Ugh."