This Cat With A Human-Like Face Is Going Viral, And We Can’t Unsee It

You might remember the post we did on funny cat paintings from Medieval times, where some uncanny human-like features 

The black cat’s visage eerily reminds a human face that is very odd for a cat. Owner of the baby Maine Coon shared a video 

Valkyrie, a very adorable and fluffy cat, is the new Internet sensation precisely because of this reason 

It’s not really clear what makes her a human cat – it might be her bone structure, round cheeks, a prominent beard 

This unusual kitten got famous after video of hers was posted to the Instagram account with 9.1million views within 2-3 days

Vitha12 commented : "This cat is so creepy to me walter and Hilary. It looks like it has a real human face. Mysterious black cats."

People are going crazy over her looks and even the comment section is something worth reading