Scars form on your skin after an injury as part of your body’s healing process 

The size of the scar you’re left with depends on the severity of your injury and how well it heals 

Shallow cuts and wounds that only affect your top layer of skin usually don’t scar at all 

Some scars fade over time even without treatment, but they don’t disappear completely. After your injury, cells called fibroblasts 

Unlike your normal skin that has a matrix of collagen fibers, scars are made up of collagen fibers that are organized in one direction 

Hypertrophic scars raise above your skin. They generally have a red appearance and don’t extend past the boundaries of your original injury 

Keloid scars jut out from your skin and extend beyond your original injury and All types of acne have the potential to leave either shallow or deep scars

Contracture scars lead to tightening of your skin that may restrict joint movement. This type of scar is usually caused by a burn