DAME Deborah James said today that her father brushes her hair - as she is too weak 

The heroic cancer campaigner, who is receiving end-of-life care at her parents' home in Woking, Surrey 

She said: “My dad is my unsung hero, more so than ever. He’s quietly there behind the scenes, making sure I am OK 

“He’s always been a very calming, loving presence in my life — he’s very good at handling me and all my craziness. His patience knows no bounds.”

She joked that if she were ever in trouble with Alistair, she'd know that "s*** was bad". “It didn’t matter how naughty I’d been, he knew how to handle me," she said

When she was in hospital for months at the beginning of the year battling bowel cancer, only her mum, Heather, was allowed to visit.

Debs said: “It must’ve been horrible for him not being able to come and see me. I am his daughter too.

“The biggest thing for me right now, not knowing how long I have left, is that the kids will be ok.