Boss demands employee get a new wardrobe after weight loss

One of my mother’s coworkers lost a lot of weight. As a result, her clothes were literally hanging off her body 

This woman told my mother that she knew she had to take drastic action when she nearly lost her job over her “inappropriate” wardrobe 

Store Manager told her in no uncertain terms that she couldn’t come to work wearing clothes that were several sizes too big for her 

“Then just get new ones,” the manager replied. “I can’t have you working here if you don’t dress appropriately.” 

That very day, on her lunch break, my mother’s coworker browsed the ladies’ department for a new wardrobe 

She tried on two dozen items in the fitting room and then asked the fitting room attendant to hold her top twelve items 

The following day, my mother’s coworker brought a friend to work with her at the start of her shift