The 'best ever' photograph of a UFO has emerged 50 years after it was taken by a mapmaker

The image was taken by Aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza, who was flying at 10,000 ft above Costa Rica with a special 100lb camera 

He snapped several frames of the land for a survey, and then the high definition black and white photos 

It was only when the image was recently enhanced that the UFO was spotted, and it clearly shows something that resembles a metallic disk flying high

Sergio took the image when he was photographing the area for a hydroelectric project, and it was processed fifty years later 

He took the image in question as he flew over Lake Cote, capturing the rainforest below in 20-second intervals 

The frame, time-stamped at 8.25am, is the only image with the metal disk in it - and it does look remarkably like UFOs depicted in sci-fi films 

New York Times reporter Leslie Kean has dubbed the image as "the best" photo of a UFO ever taken