AN ice-cold beer is one of summer’s pleasures – and scientists say it’s good for you, too.

A recent study found men who drink a bottle of beer a night with dinner have healthier guts and a wider diversity of good bacteria 

THE beer belly is well established, and your middle will undoubtedly be flabbier if you hit the bottle too regularly 

DRINKING moderate amounts may strengthen bones in men and post-menopausal women.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed blokes who drank one to two beers a day had higher bone mineral density  

Research has found moderate amounts of beer, plus regular exercise and a Mediterranean diet, reduces diabetes risk and high blood pressure.

Those who drank a small glass of beer a day had a 50 per cent lower risk of another heart attack, angina or stroke than teetotallers.

But Prof Hellerbrand says you CAN get those benefits from the hops in alcohol-free beer – with none of the negative effects.