Plenity is FDA approved as a "device," and is a $98-a-month weight loss treatment

First came the "edible billboard," which appeared last year during the holidays in New York's East Village loaded with cake treats 

Patients take three capsules twice a day. But it isn't a drug. And its success in racking up lost pounds, on average, is modest 

Plenity is FDA-approved as a device, one that contains sugar-sized grains of a plant-based, absorbent hydrogel 

Each grain swells to 100 times its size, cumulatively filling about a quarter of a person's stomach 

The three capsules containing them must be taken with two cups of water at least 20 minutes before eating 

Although far less costly than some other prescription weight loss treatments, it still "isn't affordable for someone in the low-income bracket 

Plenity is designed to help patients who want to eat less, and taking it is comparable to consuming a big salad before lunch and dinner