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Undercover sex sting operation brings down Bulverde police sergeant


SAN ANTONIO – Hugo Cesar Ramos, 35, a sergeant with the Bulverde Police Department, has been indicted in a prostitution sting after he allegedly solicited sex acts from an undercover officer who was impersonating a prostitute.

According to a proclamation, Ramos went to the south-side intersection that had a reputation for such activities, and spoke to the undercover San Antonio Police officer, proposing to pay $20 for a sexual favor at the intersection of South Presa and Mebane Streets.

The undercover agent proceeded away and directed other officers to move in and apprehend Ramos.

Police stated that Ramos left the scene, speeding away swiftly, but officers were able to read his license plate, and he was then arrested afterward.

Ramos faces a state jail felony prostitution charge. On Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 he resigned from his duties at the Bulverde Police Department.

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