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Two individuals charged after a $100K drug seizure

As reported by the Boerne Police Department, the arrest of two individuals, identified as Neil McLean, 21, and Brian Boyer, 21, of Boerne, led to a drug seizure worth over $100,000.

On Sunday, July 8, around 7 AM, officers were dispatched to the Boerne Walmart parking lot where a male subject appeared to be asleep in his running car. Upon making contact with the two subjects, the officers noted that they were clearly nervous and were offering evasive responses. McLean is said to have made movements into his pockets and also reached into the vehicle after being asked to stop.

McLean was detained and Boyar as well, due to being wanted out of another jurisdiction for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

As officers performed the detainment, “a large amount of US currency” was found on his person and one officer noticed drug paraphernalia in plain sight inside the vehicle.

Officers interviewed the males and determined that there was enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant for McLean’s apartment residence, which was located inside Bexar County.

BPD reported that a search of McLean’s apartment lead to the findings of “87 grams of Cocaine, 74.5 grams of MDMA, 295 grams of Xanax, 10.7 grams of THC wax, 18 grams of Clonazepam, 69 grams of Methamphetamines, 7.162 pounds of Marijuana, 2 handguns, and over $10,000 cash (from initial contact). The narcotics have an estimated street value of well over $100,000.00.”

According to the Boerne Police Department, Boyar and McLean were both charged with multiple possession and delivery charges ranging in felony amounts. Specifically, it was said that McLean was charged with Possession of Controlled Substance PG1 in Kendall County. Charges are still pending the filing process in Bexar County for both individuals.


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