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OPINION: The Animals come out for Black Friday

It’s the most commercialized day of the year. The one day a year where people fight over toasters, blenders, Crock Pots and TV’s —Black Friday. Well now two days since corporations commercialized Thanksgiving and started their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening.

The animals were out yesterday in many forms. People that haven’t gotten off the couch for months have been saving their money for “great deals” and will fight to the death to get that latest bargain.

This video shows people with No Sense fighting over 40” Hisense TV’s. Ain’t nothing smaller than 60 inches going in my house. To each their own though.

Then you have these morons battling it out over what look like some kind of pink neon crockpots.

The madness was widespread across the entire United States of America. This video is from Thanksgiving. I guess these people didn’t have enough tryptophan rolling through their veins to keep them from acting like rabid beasts.

At this Walmart, the animals were so dumb that they had to be herded through the store…

This was a pretty good brawl in good ole Kentucky yesterday. These two wildebeests went at it over God knows what. Probably a Black Friday special over a 12 pack lip-plumping gloss! They sure could use a lot more of that! This video was sent in by HCBN reader Josh Jacobs. We love participation from our readers!

But it wasn’t as bad as past years have been. I haven’t heard about any Black Friday deaths this year. And to my knowledge there were no incidents at River Hills Mall in Kerrville. Here is some of the Black Friday mayhem from past years…

Now I don’t want to get down too much on Black Friday shoppers. This was the most exciting day of the year for many of them.

Please remember that today is Small Business Saturday. Today would be a great day to support your local businesses, instead of giving your hard-earned dollars to greedy corporations and fighting with idiots!

Also, Christmas in Comfort is today! There will be a lot of vendors there selling all kinds of great items and a wonderful parade this evening!


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