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Local pastor seeks help to replace bus after fire destroys it

Pastor Greg Young, who leads a church in Bandera, woke up to his bus on fire on Saturday, June 30. This bus brought Pastor Greg to Bandera and housed his family for many years. Bandera County Sheriff’s Office dispatched Saturday morning, asking Pastor Greg if they were burning something on their property. When he informed them he wasn’t, they determined that his bus was up in flames.

Pastor Greg said this of the fire, “Because we live in the country and our fire department is voluntary so it took a little bit for the fire trucks to arrive. They worked really smart and saved the barn and prevented the forest behind the bus from catching. ”

Pastor Greg doesn’t currently have insurance on his bus due to an accident he had in July of last year. The accident was caused when another vehicle hit his vehicle and rolled Pastor Greg and his daughter. He suffering life-altering injuries when he shielded his daughter from the impact of the crash. Pastor Greg ended up breaking almost every bone in his body and had to have 17 surgeries.

Pastor Greg is still physically and financially recovering from last year’s accident so the Faith Harvest Church has set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist Pastor Greg to replace his bus. They are asking able community members to contribute to the fund and would like to thank those who have donated to this cause.


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