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Local doctor loses medical license for keeping counterfeit drug records

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Corpus Christi – In September 2013, law enforcement started an investigation into Dr. Michael Pendleton and his practice based on suspicious prescription writing and an unusually high number of controlled substances.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s office, in November 2016, a search warrant was served and executed on Pendleton’s office and it was discovered that Pendleton had neglected information from his records that was required to provide.

As of April 2018, Pendleton plead guilty to one count of furnishing false information on dispensed controlled substances records, which is a felony. He was sentenced to five years probation in July 2018.

The Texas Medical Board also provided punishment and placed Pendleton on probation. Pendleton cannot treat patients for pain, acute or chronic, and he cannot obtain controlled substances without board approval. His physician assistant is not allowed to write prescriptions under his direction.

Adding to the prescription medication epidemic, Dr. Pendleton’s office has been known to have patients camping outside early in the morning on Weber Road.

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