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Amanda Hawkins sentenced to 40 years in prison; Updated Article

KERRVILLE, Tx (HCBN) – After a long day of testimony with multiple witnesses, tears, anger, sadness, and shock at times, Amanda Hawkins was sentenced to 40 years in prison. 

The presiding Judge Williams handed down four sentences of 20 years each, with two sets of them running concurrent. The two charges regarding Addyson were ran concurrent (where they are both served at once), then the two charges regarding Brynn were also ran concurrent
(where they are both served at once). The judge stacked the charges related to Addyson and Brynn, making them consecutive and totaling the actual sentence to 40 years. 

To be ran concurrent, which means the 40 years in these two sentences is actually 20 years.

To be ran concurrent, which means the 40 years in these two sentences is actually 20 years.

Hawkins will serve 20 years combined for the first two sentences, then she will consecutively serve 20 years for the second two sentences, totaling 40 years. 

Judge Williams said during sentencing, “Those precious little girls would still be here today if this had not happened,” and then told Amanda that he would have given her more of a range of punishment if it were possible. 

 The fathers of both Addyson and Brynn were both present in the courtroom the entire time, and gave victim impact statements after sentencing was handed down, one live and the other written.

Several witnesses testified during the day. Multiple witnesses stated that Amanda Hawkins had told them that her daughters Addyson and Brynn were smelling flowers at a park in Kerrville when they started to get “stumbly” and their faces turned red. 

It was later discovered that Amanda had left them in a vehicle all night after smoking marijuana with several people inside of a shed. At one point, it was said that Amanda took Brynn out of the vehicle and brought her into a shed where multiple people were smoking marijuana, before putting her back in the vehicle.

Witnesses testified that Amanda never told them the real story, until investigators had talked to Kevin Franke, who reportedly told investigators the story about the girls being left in the car all night. Only then, did Amanda finally tell investigators, about the girls being left in the vehicle.

The girls were both left in the vehicle for at least 10-15 hours, according to testimony. They had no food or drink after 2:30 am. 

16 year old Kevin Franke didn’t want to sleep in the hot shed where the party had taken place, so Amanda reportedly told him that he could sleep in her car. 

At that point, both girls were in a the car with the engine on and the air conditioner running. 

The prosecution alleges that Kevin Franke woke up around 8am with the girls still in the back seat, then turned the car off and rolled up the windows in the car and brought the keys inside, telling Amanda he was leaving. 

The prosecution then stated that Amanda woke up at around noon, and had sexual intercourse with a boy from the party, before going out to the car and finding the girls unconscious. According to a report from Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, the outside temperature had reached 89 degrees by then. Their car seats were mostly cloth, which only made the girls hotter.

After finding the girls, it was said that Amanda then took the girls inside and ran cold water on them in a bathtub, while Googling on ways to revive people from heat exhaustion, and told people that she wasn’t taking them to the hospital because she “didn’t want to go to jail.” 

She brought them to Peterson Regional Medical Center two hours later, and told staff the flower sniffing story. The children were then transferred to University Hospital in San Antonio. 

Amanda sent text messages to family members telling them that her and Isaac were staying in San Antonio with the girls and taking them to Seaworld the next day. 

Meanwhile, the girls were at University hospital fighting for their lives. 

University Hospital Dr. John Gebhart stayed up for 40 hours trying to save the lives of Brynn and Addyson. He said that Amanda was joking while the girls were dying, texting a lot of the time and giggling at times. “She kept saying, ‘This is what happened,’ over and over,” regarding the flower sniffing story, he said. 

Dr. Gebhart said that the girls most likely went into “profound” shock while they were left in the hot car. He said that their cells had broken down, although there were no initial symptoms of hyperthermia. 

Gebhart told the judge that the girls most likely had very painful deaths. He said that someone in their situation would start sweating, have loss of fluid, severe cramps, horrific headaches, shortness of breath and then seizures. He said that they would have a burning feeling throughout their whole body, and that it was a very slow process.

Still, that wasn’t enough for Amanda Hawkins to tell the truth. 

He said that he even brought Amanda into a room with a computer to examine poisonous flowers, hoping that she could identify the poisonous plant, even though he felt there was something off with her story. 

Gebhart said that “None of the story made sense.” “She never told me the real story,” he said. “[Death] seemed like the most likely outcome.” 

When it came down to it, “Brain swelling is what actually killed these kids,” said Gebhart. 

Then to top it off, after being told there was a place to stay in the hospital with the girls, Amanda left the hospital,  after the staff told her that the girls would probably die that night. Hawkins wanted to stay in a hotel that night because it was more “comfortable.”

Hawkins didn’t come back to the hospital until 3pm the next day, according to testimony from several witnesses. 

The girls both died on June 8th. Amanda was arrested and brought back to Kerr County on Monday, June 12th. She has been in the Kerr County Jail ever since, other than a few short stays in Burnet County jail, while she was awaiting trial. 

Amanda Hawkins made a statement before sentencing today stating that, “I will accept whatever the punishment may be,” and that “there are no excuses for what I did.”

She then went on to say, “I do love them and care about them.” 

Defense attorney Kurt Rudkin asked the judge for supervised probation instead of a prison sentence. Amanda Hawkins said during her plea to the judge that, “I just want to be with my family.”

Moments later, Judge Williams sentenced Hawkins. 

His sentencing was based on 6 issues that he had with Hawkins and the case.

Parental Neglect, the lie, the blame, the delay, the letters, and “It’s all about me.”

He said that Hawkins lied until the very end. He said that the witnesses statements were all consistent about the kids being sick. 

Judge Williams said that Hawkins delayed treatment for the girls because she didn’t want to go to jail. 

He said the doctor wasn’t certain on survival, but wouldn’t have wasted all of that time and could have probably saved Addyson’s life, and possibly Brynn’s.

He said that there were 15, 16, and 17 year old boys telling her to take the babies to the hospital. 

He told her that he appreciated her taking responsibility today, but she placed a lot of blame on other people before today. 

The judge said that he read every letter that Amanda sent from jail to at least three men. They talked about sex, boob jobs, butt jobs, and a flat belly. She even mentioned 50 Shades of Grey and how she was a “sex addict.”

“I had 2 babies, but I want more,” Judge Williams stated, quoting a letter. He said that in one of them, Amanda picked out 12 baby names, 6 for boys, and 6 for girls in a letter to one of the men.

Hawkins only had one or two letters that mentioned missing her babies. The letters were mainly about starting new relationships. 

He said that Amanda chose to stay in a hotel other than staying with her kids, knowing her babies were probably going to die that night. 

He went on to say that “People in our community take better care of their pets, than you took care of your kids.”

He mentioned the Dr’s testimony, about how the kids died extremely slow deaths, cramps, headaches, seizures, and how they were crying out for their mommy that night, and mommy never came. 

He talked about how then, Mom went into a home with air conditioning and cuddled up with Lane, while the kids were in a car, dying, wondering where Mommy was. Mommy was inside having sex in the air conditioner. 

Hawkins showed no reaction when first sentenced, then broke down crying after the hearing was over, when she was allowed to hug her mother and grandmother, before being led away to serve her forty year prison sentence.

Kevin Franke awaits trial on January 22nd, 2019. He is currently out on bond on murder charges for Brynn and Addyson, since he allegedly rolled the windows up in the car and turned the ignition off, leaving them to die in the hot Texas sun. 

Hill Country Breaking News will keep you updated in the Amanda Hawkins and Kevin Franke cases.


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