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UPDATE: Police recover stolen property after 15 confirmed vehicle burglaries

BOERNE, TX (11/15/2018)- An update has been given regarding the multiple vehicle burglaries that took place at Vantage Apartments on Old San Antonio Drive. The Boerne Police Department reports that currently, there have been 15 confirmed Burglary of Vehicles and 2 stolen vehicles. One vehicle was recovered.

The juveniles, who are from San Antonio, were arrested and have been charged with Organized Crime, Theft of Motor Vehicle, Burglary of Vehicle, Possession of Stolen Property, and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.

The suspects are being held at the Guadalupe County Juvenile Detention Center.

No names, photographs, or anything else identifying them will be released because they are minors.

Detectives plan to contact owners as the property recovery is completed.

The Boerne Police Department adds a reminder that tells the community to remember to lock their vehicles and to not leave their keys or spare keys in their vehicles.

BOERNE, TX (11/14/2018)- 6 suspects were apprehended overnight in connection to a string of vehicle burglaries at the Vantage Apartments on Old San Antonio Road. The suspects are currently in custody.

A press release issued this morning by Boerne Police Department states that there may be other burglaries in the area as well.

“If you are just noticing your vehicle was burglarized, please contact the Boerne Police Department so that a report may be taken.”

More information is expected to be released regarding these break-ins later today.


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