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11 narcotic smuggling attempts result in the seizure of over 2,400 pounds of marijuana

EDINBURG, Tx. (HCBN)- Over 2,400 pounds of marijuana were seized the past weekend after U.S. Border Patrol agents put a stop to several narcotics smuggling attempts.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection released a statement on December 3, 2018, saying that Rio Grande City agents were dispatched after they received a report of a narcotics smuggling attempt near La Grulla, Texas.

Upon patrolling the Rio Grande for evidence of illegal entry, the U.S. CPB detailed that agents found an abandoned motorized scooter pulling a garden trailer loaded with 20 bundles of marijuana, weighing 230 pounds, with an estimated worth of $183K.

That same afternoon, near Mission, Texas, McAllen agents caught sight of a white pickup traveling toward a rural area south of the levee. The U.S. CBP says, “Minutes later, agents observed the same pickup leave the area at a high rate of speed with bundles of marijuana in the bed.”

A traffic stop was attempted but the driver led the U.S. Border Patrol agents in a pursuit. The driver returned to the river and abandoned the vehicle, stopping the chase. After the driver exited the vehicle, it is said that agents witnessed the driver swim back to Mexico empty-handed.

This incident yielded a seizure of over 770 pounds of marijuana with an estimated worth of $619K.

The U.S. CBP also announced that over the weekend, U.S. Border Patrol agents disrupted a total of 11 narcotic smuggling attempts which led to over 2,400 pounds of marijuana being seized.


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