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UPDATE: Baby King Jay Davila’s grandmother released after judge reduces bond

UPDATE (02/10/2019) – Baby Jay King Davila’s grandmother, Beatrice Sampayo, was released from custody on Sunday morning after a judge agreed to reduce her bail.

Sampayo was greeted by her husband and a family member at the release, as reported by KSAT.

The grandmother’s bail was previously set at $250,000, but a judge reduced it to $50,000 on Friday, February 8.

Defense attorney Melissa Lesniak said that the Sampayo was suffering from cancer and needed treatments that were not available at the Bexar County Jail.

Lesniak added that the initial bond was “excessive” and “oppressive for her client’s situation.”

KSAT also cited that an official told them that Sampayo would have an ankle monitor while she awaited trial.

UPDATE (02/03/2019)- The medical examiner’s office has revealed the cause of death for King Jay Davila, 8 months, as a homicide caused by blunt force trauma.

After his father, Christopher Davila, led investigators to the boy’s body which was found wrapped in a blanket inside a backpack in a field on San Antonio’s northeast side, the autopsy was performed.

KENS 5 wrote, “The child’s father told police he was playing video games when King Jay Davila was in his car seat on the end of the bed. He told police the baby fell face-forward on the ground and that he may have struck a dresser on the way down.”

The father reportedly noticed a large bump on the boy’s right eye. He tried to keep the child awake and was too afraid to call the police.

Baby Davila was said to have passed away a few hours later and the father buried him in the neighborhood.

SAPD Chief McManus added that the King Jay Davila’s mother is still under investigation but there have been no charges filed against her.

UPDATE (01/11/2019)- A media briefing from the San Antonio Police Department released early this afternoon confirmed that a body, believed to be that of King Jay Davila was found after the boy’s father led police to a field where the body was discovered.

San Antonio Police Chief McManus said in the media release, “Based on the Affidavit, we have found what we believe to be the remains of King Jay Davila. We recovered his body last night. His father, Christopher Davila, led us to him after we arrested him for tampering with evidence. Christopher has said that King Jay’s death was an accident. He panicked and did not call 9-1-1.”

McManus added, “Based on that information, we charged Christopher Davila with Injury to a Child by Omission early this morning. King Jay’s body is at the medical examiner’s office where an autopsy will be performed, probably today. Hopefully, that will tell us more about his death.”

We are now working on a death investigation, said McManus.

The investigation won’t be completely finished until police can answer the questions of how he died, who knew about it, and when they knew about it.

Joe Gonzales, District Attorney of Bexar County said, Christopher Davila will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Davila’s charges are said to include, Injury to a Child Causing Serious Bodily Injury by Omission, which is a First Degree charge with Bonds of $500,000. He was also charged with Felon in Possession of a Weapon and drugs were found in his possession so he was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. These charges are in addition to his previous charged of Tampering with Evidence. Davila has Bonds totaling over $1 million.

Due to the investigation still being ongoing, not many other details were released. As more information becomes available, this report will be updated.

UPDATE (1/10/2019)- Police Chief William McManus has said that San Antonio police believe 8-month-old King Jay Davila is dead and three relatives have been arrested in connection to the case.

The three suspects that police say have been arrested include Christopher Davila, King Jay Davila’s father, Beatrice Sampayo, the 8-month-old’s paternal grandmother, and Angie Torres, Christopher Davila’s cousin.

A statement from McManus said, “We have statements from multiple witnesses that lead us to believe that King Jay is deceased. We charged [Davila, Sampayo, and Torres) with tampering with evidence because we believe that they participated in staging the kidnapping to hide King Jay’s body so we couldn’t find it to determine what happened to him.”

According to KSAT, tampering with evidence is a third-degree Felony.

Police believe Sampayo was involved with disposing of the Baby Davila’s car seat and dropping of Torres, who was shown in a surveillance video.

McManus said, “Angie described the route she and Beatrice took where they disposed of the car seat and Angie said she learned from Beatrice that Christopher had severely injured King Jay.”

More details are being gathered by police to determine what exactly happened to King Jay and where he might be. Additional charges may be filed against the suspects and more arrest may happen in connection to this case.

King Jay Davila’s mother, Jasmine Gonzales, is said to still be under investigation.

KABB FOX 29 reportedly spoke with her and she told them, “For them to come clean and say what they know,” Gonzalez said. “This is my baby, why did they hurt my baby boy for what reason, he was [a] happy boy, a lovable baby. I beg them to please open up and tell the detectives where my son is so they can bring my baby boy home.”

UPDATE (01/08/2019)- Updates including an arrest, a found witness, and the deployment of cadaver dogs to Chris Davila’s residence were recently released in the case of missing 8-month-old King Jay Davila. However, King Jay Davila is still missing and police are looking for answers.

San Antonio Express-News reported that Angie Torres, 45, was arrested on Tuesday on an unrelated robbery charge and was booked in the Bexar County Jail on a $50,000 Bond.

Her arrest affidavit stated that on Sunday, Torres stole razors from a West Side Dollar General and kicked an employee who tried to stop her.

Investigators with SAPD later identified Torres as the woman who was shown in the video getting into Chris Davila’s car and driving off after the father went into the store, said San Antonio Express-News.

Police say that the kidnapping was fake calling it a “staged event” used to cover up foul play. It is believed that King Jay was not in the car at the time of the alleged kidnapping.

King Jay’s father, Chris Davila, who was arrested on Friday for Child Endangerment is Torres’s cousin.

The San Antonio Police Department also located a possible witness by the name of Savannah Ozuna.

It was added by KSAT that SAPD confirmed that a search warrant was executed for Christopher Davila’s last known address in the 5800 block of Castlebrook Drive in Northeast San Antonio.

San Antonio Police Officers could not provide additional information but KSAT reported that they observed investigators and a K-9 unit searching the home.

According to Alamo Area Search and Rescue, cadaver dogs can sense smells about 40 times stronger than humans.

SAPD believes that other individuals might be involved in this incident.

If you have any information regarding King Jay Davila’s location, please contact 9-1-1 immediately.

UPDATE: 01/05/19 12:19 PM :SAPD has released images from surveillance video of last night in a press release stating, “Here are video images of the female suspect who was last seen with 8-month-old King Jay Davila last night. The suspect is a thin built white or Hispanic female, 20’s-30’s years old, last seen in a grey hoodie and brown pants.”

UPDATE: 01/05/19 10:00 AM: The 8 month old baby abducted last has still not been found. This Facebook update was posted just before 8 AM Saturday morning.

SAN ANTONIO ( – The San Antonio Police Department posted on social media that 8 month old, King Jay Davila is missing. Friday evening the father, who has not yet been identified, drove to the Friends Food Mart in a Dodge Dart on Enrique Barrera Parkway.

San Antonio Police Chief, William McManus, said the father walked into the convenient store, leaving the motor running, door open, and the infant still in the backseat.

Around 7 p.m., a surveillance video shows the father driving past a woman wearing a grey hoodie, walking down the street. After he goes inside of the store, McManus says the woman is shown circling the far side of the parking lot just before she’s seen driving away with the baby still in his car seat.

The Dodge was recovered just a few miles from the scene about 30 minutes after the incident, McManus tells the press. However, the baby was not found and the car seat was also missing.

“We have the father down at headquarters right now, and his story is not adding up,” McManus said. “We believe, right now, that he knows the woman who took the baby. We believe that it was set up, but nonetheless, we have a missing 8-month-old. The mother of the child is very, very distraught.”

Police are not releasing the name of the father at this time but confirm that he is now in custody being charged with child endangerment. Due to the surveillance footage, police are concerned that the child may be in danger.

Based off a study conducted by the Attorney General of Washington State in 1997, 74% of cases where children were taken by violent abductors, were dead within three hours of being kidnapped.

Police need everyone’s help in returning King Jay back to his family.

McManus says King Jay was last seen wearing a blue onesie and has a small scratch over his left eye, possibly from his fingernail. SAPD instructs the public to immediately call 911 if he is found.

Photo provided by San Antonio Police Department

UPDATE: Baby King Jay Davila’s grandmother released after judge reduces bond

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