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Inmate attempts to break out of jail, according to officials



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SAN ANTONIO – According to Bexar County jail officials, an inmate in custody attempted to escape Tuesday, May 7th.

Officials stated that Mathew Fields, age 24, was in the infirmary section of the jail when he apparently attempted to climb into the ceiling of his cell and into a stairwell. Reports state he ran up the stairs to the 7th floor and was captured and tased by deputies.

The two deputies suffered minor abrasions from following the inmate into the ceiling. While in the stairwell, Fields apparently opened a sprinkler valve, which caused flooding in sections of the basement of the jail, stated officials.

According to jail officials, Fields may be facing several new possible charges, including Escape and Criminal Mischief. He was currently in jail allegedly on charges of Assault on a Public Servant. Fields is also apparently accused of biting a Bexar County deputy earlier in the week in an unconnected occurrence.

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