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Gang unit investigates antisemitic hate speech tagged on roadway



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DALLAS – The Dallas Police Gang Unit is currently investigating several Nazi and antisemitic hate symbols spray painted on the street of a neighborhood Sunday morning.

According to police, the symbols were all painted in red paint, displaying Nazi swastikas, the SS bolts, and “white pride”, along with another message including a person’s name. The city has removed the markings from the street.

Neighborhood residents stated that were scared, upset and outraged to find this kind of hate left on the streets of their community. The city is conducting a meeting 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon at Kleberg-Rylie Recreation Center at 1515 Edd Road, neighbors are invited and encouraged to come and speak about what happened.

Tennell Atkins, a council member, stated there is no place in Dallas for heinous, hateful acts such as these.

Perpetrators could face up to 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

“If you see graffiti in your community, call 311.” the police department said.

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