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San Antonio, 19th fattest city in the U.S., according to research study



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SAN ANTONIO – A study conducted by WalletHub stated that San Antonio-New Braunfels area is the U.S.’s 19th fattest city, making San Antonio over all the second fattest city in all of Texas. Ranked as the state’s number one fattest city is McAllen.

The study measured several different areas to assemble the data, focusing on obesity, overweight rates, health quality, fitness, and nutrition. In the nationwide study, six Texas cities made the top 100 list, among them, Dallas at 28, El Paso at 29, Houston at 31, and Austin at 56.

San Antonio is statistics are 12th in obesity, 21st in health consequences, and 25th in food and fitness. According to WalletHub almost 40 percent of the U.S. population that is older than the age of 15 is classified as obese.

The medical costs for obesity-related treatments range between $147 billion and $210 billion dollars a year, adding up to the yearly productivity losses around $4.3 billion dollars.

Everything is, in fact, bigger in Texas, and that also includes Americans’ waistlines.

Rachelle is a certified pharmacy technician, is a current third-year honor student with Grand Canyon University, doubling in Elementary and Speical Education and is a loving mother of one. Rachelle also enjoys reading, writing, music, and is an avid outdoors sportsperson, appreciating fishing, hunting, and archery.


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