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Electric scooters banned in Fredericksburg, effective February 14th

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FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (TexasBreaking.com) – Lovebirds won’t be taking strolls through Fredericksburg on Valentine’s day on electric scooters, thanks to a new ordinance passed unanimously by Fredericksburg’s City Council Thursday night.

Electric scooters will be banned on every sidewalk, street, or highway within the city.

The city said the ordinance was drafted and passed in the interest of public safety.

Fredericksburg’s City Manager Kent Meyers has released a statement regarding the ban of electric scooters.

“Many cities across the country are experiencing a dramatic increase in the use of electric scooters.  These scooters are starting to cause major concerns to public safety both in terms of the operators of the scooters as well as pedestrians.  The City of Fredericksburg attracts thousands of visitors to the community on a weekly basis.  These visitors enjoy the historic downtown area and many other attractions.”

He then said, “These visitors appreciate their ability to walk around the community without concerns for their safety.  The introduction of electric scooters to this pedestrian experience would be detrimental to their health and safety as well as the health and safety of City residents.  For these reasons, an ordinance prohibiting the use of motor assisted scooters is necessary.”

New Braunfels banned electric scooters last week. Over the weekend in Austin, a foreign exchange student was hit and killed while on an electric scooter.

Texas Breaking News will keep you updated as cities across Texas debate whether or not they want electric scooters.




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Electric scooters banned in Fredericksburg, effective February 14th
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