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Texas amateur astronomer films a strange object crashing into the “Super Blood Wolf Moon”

VIDOR, Texas (TexasBreaking.com) – Several members of the Astronomical Society of South East Texas met up at Claiborne Park in Vidor, Texas this past Sunday.

“It was a good time!,” Texas Astronomer, Will Young, told us during an interview for Texas Breaking News.

Their group along with millions of other spectators around the world waited eagerly to witness the rare “Super Blood Wolf Moon” eclipse.

Anyone could easily acquire information about what to expect on January 20th. However, no one could’ve expected to see the awe-inspiring event that also took place that evening.

“I was just rolling video in hopes something cool might happen. Boom. There it was!!,” said Young.

During the totality phase of the eclipse, many bystanders noticed something flash on the dark edge of the moon. At approximately 10:41 p.m. CST, Young became one of the lucky few to film a lunar impact during a lunar eclipse for the very first time in scientific history, according to records.

Young posted this once-in-a-lifetime moment on his Deep Sky Dude Youtube Channel. With nearly 200,000 views at the time of this article, it has grabbed the attention of many astronomy lovers including the staff at Sky & Telescope Magazine.

“I’ve been reading that magazine since I was like 9 years old and to be featured like that is unreal,” Young shares.

A Space Rock Strikes Moon During the Total Lunar Eclipse

Many other astronomers around the world also joined in to celebrate this scientific victory.

Spanish astrophysicist, Jose Maria Madiedo, confirmed that it was a meteorite impact. Madiedo has tried filming a lunar flash during an eclipse for nearly 10 years, according to Gizmodo.

With meticulous preparation and eight telescopes equipped with high-sensitivity video cameras, Madiedo finally recorded the exact moment he had been waiting for over a decade.

In his interview with Gizmodo, Madiedo said, “I made the extra effort to prepare the new telescopes because I had the feeling that this time would be ‘the time,’ and I did not want to miss an impact flash.”

“When the automatic detection software notified me of a bright flash, I jumped out of my chair. It was a very exciting moment because I knew such a thing had never been recorded before,” Madiedo continued.

Scientists like Will Young, Jose Maria Madiedo, and his team continue to analyze all of their data.

Madiedo told folks at New Scientist that he believes that the meteor was approximately the size of a football and that it left a crater between 23 and 33 feet across. They are hoping to calculate the crater’s size and position once they determine the impact’s energy and mass.

Young uploaded another video on Wednesday with his estimate on the location of impact.

Did you get to see the “Blood Super Wolf Moon” eclipse? Send us your photos!

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