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Gillespie County Sheriff still investigating impersonation incident



UPDATE (01/24/2019) – A small update was given to the public by the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office saying that they are still investigating and gathering information regarding the impersonation incident and no other reports have been made to them besides the one from earlier.

“Peace officers in Gillespie County will identify themselves, state where they work and will have clearly marked uniforms, badges and vehicles. If there is any doubt, citizens are encouraged to call 911 to verify whether or not a traffic stop is legit.” GCSO added, “Citizens are encouraged to stop in well-lit areas. If possible, and should never exit the vehicle or give any documents to anyone who don’t meet the above criteria.”

Upon calling 911, a dispatcher will instruct you on what to do and officers will be sent to investigate immediately.

GILLESPIE COUNTY, Texas ( – The Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a man who reportedly pulled over a citizen Thursday morning.

“Earlier this morning a citizen was ‘pulled’ over by a person driving a white Ford Crown Victoria equipped with red and blue lights from the inside.”

“The person approached the citizen while displaying some sort of badge on his right hip area.”

The person told the citizen the reason for being stopped was for speeding but walked off agitated and drove away when the citizen questioned the person as to who he was and who he worked with,” the public advisory stated.

GCSO says that the crime was later reported to them and that it’s apparent that the person is trying to impersonate a police officer.

They described the man as a white male, approximately 5’11” in height with short black hair, wearing a green polo shirt with khaki pants.

Gillespie county warns that law enforcement will always identify themselves and will be dressed in uniform.

If you see or contact the person reported to GCSO, please call law enforcement immediately at 830-997-7585 or dial 911 in case of emergency.

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