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City Council votes to allow rezoning and street-closure for H-E-B expansion

KERRVILLE, Texas (Texasbreaking.com)- On Tuesday, Kerrville City Council unanimously voted to approve the request from H-E-B for the rezoning and street-closure at their Main Street location, said the Kerrville Daily Times.

Rezoning of the location from 11-C to the central business district will allow the expanded store to be in only one zoning district.

KDT wrote, “The plans for the store’s expansion include demolishing the current H-E-B and building a larger facility, oriented so that the store will face Francisco Lemos Street, rather than Main Street, as it does now.”

It is said by one of the H-E-B representatives that H-E-B plans to add around 200 additional parking spaces and full-sized curbside service, in addition to more gas pumps.

Another H-E-B representative said, “We do believe in the long run that this will be a safer, more convenient parking lot with more options for people getting in and out safely.”

Part of Hays Street between Main and Jefferson streets and part of the public alley between Hays and Quinlan streets was approved by the city council to be closed to provide space for the expansion of the store, wrote KDT.

After a concerned resident voiced his opinions regarding the legacy oak trees around H-E-B, one of the representatives informed him that some of the trees would be cut down.

Delayne Sigerman, Place 3, expressed that she would like to see if the legacy oak trees could be protected from being cut down.

KDT reported that a consultant on the project is working with the city to perform a traffic study of the streets in the area.

It was added that H-E-B is compensating the city $102,000 for the street.

As more information is released to the public, Texas Breaking News readers will be updated!

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