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“Cardboard Cops” do an outSTANDING job at slowing down speeders

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (Texasbreaking.com) – The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office has recently sworn in a new deputy to help control the speedy streets just north of Austin. Meet “Deputy Flat Wolf”, a life-size cardboard cutout.

In different areas of the county, you will run into what you think is a police officer, but you will find it is only a cutout of one of their real-life officers, Deputy Jason Wolf, pointing a radar gun.

According to KXAN, deputies said they were able to fund these decoys by using money they seized from drug cartels.

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody told FOX7, ”It’s a creative way to solve a problem without really working the problem.”

“From a distance, you can’t really tell the difference until you get closer,” says Masa Abe, a local resident who spoke with KXAN. He said this funny idea already seems to be showing some benefit.

“When you’re going 20, 30 miles per hour and you see the silhouette you’re immediately braking, slowing down and that’s exactly what we are trying to do,” Sheriff Chody said.

In order to keep drivers guessing, Sheriff Chody mentions their plan is to make more cutouts in different poses and have it randomly accompanied by a real deputy.

By starting with testing the effectiveness of these cardboard cutouts in school zones, the demand for these decoys may continue to grow in the near future.

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