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Journalist falls off donkey and gains thousands of fans

SOUTH ASIA – GEO News journalist Amin Hafeez, has built quite the fan base after a clip was shared of him reporting the news this week. We all fell in love with his undeniable commitment to journalism when we saw his unique way of signing off.

With Pakistan’s large donkey population being essential to the economy, the government built several facilities where donkeys can receive free healthcare. Hafeez continues his report about the positive impact it has on local breeders as he gets bucked off a donkey. The video ends just before he hits the ground and it leaves us all wiping our tears from laughter.

View his graceful style of signing off:

This isn’t the first time Hafeez has gained attention with his comical personality. Back in 2016, he picked up a good story after discovering buffaloes were using the local foot-bridge to avoid speeding traffic. The clip below shows him interviewing a small herd after they made their way down the stairs.

Click here to read the full story and what his followers wrote on Twitter.

Source: The Indian Express

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