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Two glow in the dark skeletons stolen from Bandera City Park

The Bandera Marshal’s Office is looking for the public’s help to retrieve two glow in the dark skeletons that were stolen Halloween night from the City Park.

Marshal W. Dietrich said, “We have some bad news, after all the fun was had Halloween Night, all the candy was passed out and the Hamburgers and Hotdogs eaten, the last Haunted Hayride taken. Someone decided to steal two of these glow in the dark skeletons used for the Haunted Hayride from the City Park!”

Marshal Dietrich is asking for the person who took them to please return them to the Bandera Marshal’s Office.

He went on to say, “If you return them we will not press charges for the Theft. If you are ashamed of your actions, just put them in the back of the Code Enforcement truck in the parking lot behind the Marshal’s Office.”

The skeletons were purchased with donations and were to be used again in the coming years.

The Bandera Marshal’s Office is asking for whoever took them to do the right thing so the community event can grow and get better next year.

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1 Comment

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