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Young was reportedly arrested again for allegedly testing positive for THC

UPDATE (7/18/2018)- Jack Dillon Young is facing up to 270 years in prison after causing the March 2017 crash that killed 13 people. According to reports, he recently was arrested again on July 12 after allegedly testing positive for THC, which is a violation of his bond.

Jail records show that Young has already violated his pre-trial conditions twice before, once on June 28 and again on July 5. On both occasions, he tested positive for THC.

ORIGINAL STORY (5/11/2018)- Last year, a fatal crash, involving Jack Dillion Young, happened in Uvalde, killing 13 people. The head-on collision was the result of Young’s pick up truck hitting a church bus.

After posting bond last year, Young, 21, has been out on bond, awaiting court.

Young reportedly failed a urine test last week, testing positive for marijuana, violating the terms of his bond.

The failure resulted in two pre-trial violations for Young, and his bond has been revoked.

KENS 5 San Antonio writes that Young’s bond was set for $30,000 for failing the drug test this week. It has not been confirmed if he has posted bail and been released.

After a grand jury heard the case in March 2017, Young is facing thirteen two-count indictments for intoxication manslaughter and manslaughter, both second-degree felonies.

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