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Tivy baseball field ranked number one by Aceable

Aceable is “a mobile education platform that focuses on creating affordable, engaging and convenient educational content across all devices. Built by former teachers, NASA engineers and those passionate about education, the Austin-based team is obsessed with helping people with life’s certification challenges.”

Aceable recently reviewed a large number of baseball fields and stadiums in Texas to determine who they believed has the best fields. Their results of the top 25 fields and stadiums concluded that Kerrville Tivy baseball field ranked number one.

“It’s really hard to find a bad baseball stadium in Texas,” Amanda Hagley, Content Specialist at Aceable, admitted, “but there’s just something a little extra special about each of the places on this list.”

“Studies have shown that Texas consistently ranks in the Top 3 among states with professional baseball players,” said Hagley. “The love of baseball in Texas starts at a pretty young age, and it starts by playing and watching the game at these local high school stadiums and fields.”

According to Aceable’s website showing the results, they state, “Originally built around 2000, Kerrville Tivy’s high school baseball field has one of the best natural grass playing surfaces in the state.”

To view the rest of the ranked baseball fields and stadiums, visit Aceable.com.

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