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Residents are advised as “virtual kidnapping” scam is reported in Uvalde

According to the Uvalde Police Department, they have been receiving several reports of a telephone scam called “vitual kidnappings.”

The scam starts with a frantic call from an unfamiliar voice. The voice tells the individual that someone they know has been kidnapped and is in danger.

The apparent kidnapper then demands money be sent to them through a wire transfer for the family members safe return.

Those who are recieving these calls attempt to contact their family members immediately after the call is over. The loved ones are found safe.

If you get one of these calls, it is advised to slow down the conversation and ask for more time, call or text the victim, and contact your local police department immediately.

Currently, according to Kerrville Police Department, no “virtual kidnapping” scams have been reported to them.

Residents are encouraged to share this information and tips with family, friends, and elderly neighbors to avoid any residents from becoming victims.

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