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Friends of Colton Tatsch observe moment of silence at baseball game

April 23, 2018

During their game with the Harper baseball team, friends of Colton Tatsch honored to him by having a moment of silence.

The Center Point team was excited about the game and to see friends from Harper. One teammate grabbed another and soon they all took to the pitcher’s mound to honor their lost friend Colton.

A parent tells KBN, “These boys on this field have had to experience a loss that no child should, but watching all of them continue to show love and support for the family and strive to keep Colton’s memory alive is inspiring. We can learn something from these young people. Someone so young made a huge impact on so many lives, Colton will always be a part of these boys lives.”

Colton Tatsch of Harper, Texas sadly passed away after an accident on his family’s ranch on July 24, 2017.

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