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Hill Country victim of major internet outage Saturday night

It started at around 7:30pm, Saturday night. People all across the Texas Hill Country, refreshing their internet feeds, hoping to connect, with no luck. Cable TV Service, Internet Service and Cell Phone services were dead across the area.

The only services that seemed to be working, were Windstream and At&t services. Sprint, Verizon, Spectrum, T-Mobile Internet and many other carriers were completely out until 2:36 this morning.

Residents took to Facebook to voice their frustrations, if they were able to get service, saying that they felt like their loved ones were in danger because there was no way to check on them. There were also concerns that emergency lines were not working with some carriers.

Unconfirmed sources are saying that a fiber-optic cable was cut and was being repaired. It does take several hours to connect a fiber-optic cable after it has been severed.

Back in 2015, there were two cases out of Boerne, TX, where the fiber-optic line carrying signal from San Antonio was severed by a construction crew. At&t and Windstream lost service for several hours both times during that outage.

When that source of the outage is confirmed, we will update this article.


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