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Wreck on Sidney Baker sends child, passengers to hospital

At around 9pm tonight, reports came in of a two car accident in front of Nautilus Bar on Sidney Baker in Kerrville. In the car, there were children, and at least one of them, were sent to the hospital with unknown injuries.

While a lot of the details about who is at fault are unknown at this time, there is one detail that stands out, about a local who heard the crash inside of Nautilus Bar and ran over to the crash scene.

Cody Kraatz heard the loud screech and collision impact sound and ran over to the scene, he then stayed with a little girl who was injured, making sure that she remembered his name and stayed conscious the entire time. The little girl was so impressed with Cody, that she asked if he could ride in the ambulance with her to the hospital.

Left: Cody Kraatz
Right: Mike Taylor

When asked about his heroism, Cody stated, “I was just someone doing what anyone would do”.

There were reports of maybe a victim being airlifted, but the helicopter was called off.

We will update you if any new details emerge regarding this wreck.

Photo Credit: Mike Taylor

Photo Credit: Mike Taylor

Photo Credit: Mike Taylor

Photo Credit: Mike Taylor

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