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Letter sent out from KISD leaves parents worried



May 12, 2018

Correction After having a conversation with Superintendent Dr. Mark Foust yesterday, KBN has learned that there really was not a threat, but only an inappropriate social media post.

March 20, 2018

On March 19, 2018, parents at KISD received a letter regarding a recent threatening social media post and to reiterate that safety precautions at KISD are in place.

While the details of the threat are unknown, it has created worry in many parents. After asking their children about the threat, the students weren’t aware of any threat to the school.

After calling KISD, no further details were given besides what was stated in the letter.

KBN spoke to a few concerned parents who had this to say about the vagueness of the letter, “I’d really like to know what happened. Why aren’t they telling us what really happened and what are they doing to defuse the issue. Why send out a letter and not explain.”

Parents understand that KISD has safety protocols in place but also want to make sure there is some level of transparency that allows parents to know and understand threats or safety issues that come to the administration’s attention.

You can view the letter below.

Rebekah has lived in Kerrville with her family for 10 years, originally from the Corpus Christi area. She has been a Texas Breaking News editor for over a year and loves bringing the community and it's surrounding areas up-to-date and unbias news.


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