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As the president of Texas Breaking News, Mike Taylor works along with the rest of the staff to keep you up-to-date with late-breaking news from in and around Texas.

I have spent 14 years in healthcare as a certified pharmacy technician and clinical health administrator helping care for people and ensure they receive their medications and other items that they needed to remain as healthy as they could. During this time, I learned many things in the healthcare field, but the most useful knowledge I took away from the experience was compassion, patience, and devotion. I have a love for knowledge, reading, and writing. Though my journey in education was tough, I had to battle with learning disabilities with reading and writing competition that did not stop me from loving books and from writing every chance I could. At 29 I decided to go back to school and put those challenges behind me, and I am currently earning a double bachelors in science in education. While I continue to earn my degrees I want to help share the love of reading and fill the world with the written word.

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