Donald Trump Criminal Charges Report for Receiving Hush Money to Stormy Daniels Gets Lawyer’s Response

Donald Trump

What happened to Donald Trump and Daniels’ Hush Money Case? People’s reactions to this potential legal action have ranged from here we go again to “I’ll believe it when I see it,” as New York City prosecutors consider filing criminal charges against former president Donald Trump based on an alleged years-old hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. According to “people with knowledge of the case,” The New York Times reported on Monday that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) is attempting to revive the same inquiry that previously came to a halt under Cyrus Vance (D). What are the previous remarks on Donald Trump’s Case? Former friend of Donald Trump, lawyer, and fixer Michael Cohen admitted to making the hush money payment, which led to the latter’s conviction for violating federal campaign finance laws but legally exempted Trump.  That’s partly because, according to Empire State law, the DA’s office only believed they could show that the 45th president committed a petty violation by manipulating business records when Cohen was given $150,000 by Donald Trump’s family firm to pay. That’s partly because, according to Empire State law, the DA’s office only believed they could show that the 45th president committed a petty misdemeanor by manipulating business records when Cohen was given $150,000 by Trump’s family firm to pay Daniels. Also Read- Donald Trump Likely to be Charged with 6 crimes by E.…

Texas Senator wants to change the legislation on ‘hurtful’ remarks on Homosexuality


What the legislator has to remark on homosexuality? Two measures were filed by the Texas Senator, Nathan Johnson (D Dallas) to make the state more accepting of persons who are involved in homosexual relationships.  The language that same-sex partnerships are illegal would be removed by one of the legislation, and the family code would be changed to be less gender-specific. The  Texas lawmaker said: “I find it disgusting that this stuff is still on the books, frankly.”   Johnson’s Senate Bill 82 would delete language declaring “homosexuality” is unlawful as well as several provisions governing how educators must teach sex education in Texas schools.  Additionally, Senate Bill 81 eliminates language that would have made same-sex sexual activity illegal and modifies the family law to use the term “spouse” rather than “husband and wife” Texas Senator added What do the contemporary laws say about homosexuality? One of the current laws states, “Homosexual activity…