What is Sisi Quadri Cause of Death? Nollywood actress Sisi Quadri is No More.

Nollywood mourns the sad death of famous actor Sisi Quadri, well known for his performance in ‘Seniyan Seranko.’ Quadri’s untimely death at 44 leaves a vacuum in Nigerian cinema, leaving colleagues and admirers mourning.

What is Sisi Quadri Cause of Death?

Nollywood actress Sisi Quadri, also known as Tolani Oyebamiji, died at 44. His friends in the film industry spread the word on social media. The cause of his death has not yet been revealed.Quadri’s abrupt death saddened actress Ronke Odusanya, who noted that he appeared well and lively only a few days ago. Actor Muyiwa Ademola also expressed his sorrow, saying that Quadri’s career had only recently begun to bloom. Quadri, well remembered for his part in the film ‘Seniyan Seranko,’ was a prominent figure in Nigerian filmmaking. He rose to prominence in his twenties, primarily through social media skits and collaborations with actress Funmi Awelewa. He appeared in the recent series ‘Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre.’

Who is Sisi Quadri?

Sisi Quadri, actual name Tolani Oyebamiji, was a well-known Nigerian actor who starred in Nollywood films, mainly those in the Yoruba language. Quadri was born on December 26, 1979, and began his career in the entertainment industry after graduating from The Polytechnic Iree in Osun State. Before becoming an actor, Quadri worked as a fashion designer and cosmetics artist. He was recognized for his talent and wit, which he demonstrated in several Yoruba films and social media skits. Quadri’s debut came with his appearance in the movie Seniyan Seranko, which pushed him to celebrity status in his twenties.

Tributes to Sisi Quadri:

The specific reason for Sisi Quadri’s death has not been publicly confirmed. His colleagues in the Nigerian film industry spread the news of his death on social media channels, but they did not go into detail regarding the circumstances. Many people were taken aback by his untimely death, mainly because he had been busy and in good health just days before. Colleagues and admirers alike expressed their regret and condolences upon hearing the news. Quadri was a renowned Nollywood actor, particularly in the Yoruba-language sector, noted for his appearances in films and social media skits. His abrupt death created a gap in the entertainment business, and many people lamented the loss of his ability and presence.

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