The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 226: A Quick Recap

The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 226 released on December 30, 2023. Get a glimpse of what happened in the previous chapters.

Previously, in Chapter 225
In the previous chapter of The Legendary Mechanic, the Scavengers capture and sell into slavery an emissary for the Dark Star and a member of the Sky Ring. Because of this, things get really hectic, and the mercenary groups prioritise their rescue mission.

The Black Star Mercenary Group was not able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity because they could not meet the requirements. At about that same moment, a Sky Ring Mercenary Group member approaches him and asks if he would be interested in joining them for this particular mission.

Xiao Han considers the offer for a while before deciding he doesn’t like it. Having said that, the Black Star Mercenary Group would be dissolved if they joined forces with the Sky Ring Mercenary Group. He offers an alternate plan rather than taking the offer. He says his team would take on dangerous missions for the Sky Group if given the chance.

Rather, the Sky Group must do what he says in order to protect the Black Star’s privacy. Obviously, the Sky Group isn’t on board in any case. Meanwhile, the scavengers who had captured the Dark Star Emissary decided to pat each person down to see if any of them had a tracking device.

The Journey of Han Xiao

In this chapter, Han Xiao, our main character and an experienced player in the virtual world “Galaxy,” struggles with a crucial decision. Choosing to pave a new route in mechanics, he dedicates himself to intense preparation in order to ensure his place in the game. The main goal of Han Xiao is to defeat enemies and reach the highest level of power in order to lead his mechanised army to victory. By utilising his deep comprehension of the nuances and mechanisms of the game, he obtains a significant advantage in his unwavering quest for supremacy.