The Conclusion of Voyagers: Fate of Sela and Christopher

Neil Burger, known for his diverse filmography including “Interview With The Assassin” and the popular “Divergent” series, ventures into science fiction with 2021’s “Voyagers.” The film follows Earth’s impending demise and the journey of a new generation towards a potential new home planet. However, their voyage is fraught with challenges, not only from the vastness of space but also from within their own ranks.

Set in the year 2063, “Voyagers” sees humanity’s last hope in finding a successor to Earth, a planet suitable for colonization. Colin Farrell portrays Richard Alling, the lead scientist overseeing the mission. The crew, bred through IVF, embarks on a journey lasting 86 years, ensuring only their grandchildren will reach the destination. But their voyage takes a dark turn when two crew members, Christopher and Zac, uncover a shocking truth: the blue liquid they’ve been consuming is a drug suppressing their natural urges, keeping them docile and manageable.

As Christopher and Zac cease taking the drug, they experience a resurgence of adolescent hormones, reigniting pleasure responses and sparking tensions among the crew. Themes of adolescence, hierarchy, and power struggles emerge as the ship becomes a battleground for primal instincts.

The film’s ending leaves viewers questioning the existence of an alien entity aboard the ship. Strange noises unsettle the crew, leading some to believe in extraterrestrial presence. Christopher and Zac hypothesize about the source of these noises, with Zac embracing the idea of an alien threat.

However, the truth behind the noises is far more sinister. Surveillance footage reveals Zac’s manipulation and betrayal, as he orchestrates the death of a crewmate to maintain control. His lust for power drives him to fabricate the existence of an alien, using it to manipulate his followers and justify his actions.

The revelation exposes Zac’s true nature and the dangers of unchecked ambition. The alien becomes a metaphor for Zac’s thirst for dominance, a convenient scapegoat to further his agenda.

Meanwhile, the discovery of a secret weapons cache adds another layer of complexity to the narrative. Intended for use by future generations on the new planet, the weapons symbolize power and fear. Zac’s acquisition of the weapons amplifies his control over the crew, escalating tensions onboard.

Ultimately, “Voyagers” explores the consequences of unchecked authority and the dangers of manipulation. As the crew grapples with their newfound freedom, they must confront the darker aspects of human nature lurking within their ranks.