Sakamoto Days Chapter 158: Fans Await the Release Eagerly

Yuto Suzuki has a humorous manga titled Sakamoto Days. Formerly, Tarou Sakamoto was the most well-known hitman in history. He was the leader of the underground world and everyone was afraid of him.

However, he later met a woman and fell in love. Sakamoto quit his life of crime and now works at a convenience store because of her. It’s harder to leave behind his previous life than Sakamoto thought. Many of his former allies and rivals don’t think he’s truly given up on the company.

In an attempt to get rid of him, they show up. Sakamoto must come up with cunning plans to halt them since he is no longer able to kill them. He has to protect his small community, his family, and his store from attack.

There are ten parts in the manga, and the current chapter is called Assassin Exhibition of the Century Arc.
Shin and Haruma engaged in a thrilling battle in the epilogue. They were adamant about keeping people safe and employed unexpected manoeuvres. The stage was prepared for a more significant occasion.

Not one to be left behind, Shin prepared for a sumo-style brawl. This indicated a shift in tactics that might alter the course of the conflict.

Shin and Haruma got into a heated argument in Chapter 157, the last chapter of Sakamoto Days. Haruma astonished Shin by fighting with sportsmanship.

Chapter 158 of Sakamoto Days features Shin employing a cunning Sumo-style technique against Haruma. This new strategy might significantly upend their battle. It demonstrates Shin’s ability to alter his strategy mid-fight, which is crucial for victory.

Regarding this chapter, fans have theories. They believe it will put Shin’s fighting intelligence to the test in addition to his physical prowess. If Shin adopts a Sumo stance, it’s possible that he will employ cunning techniques to win, such as utilising his environment or deceiving his opponent.

Shin employing Sumo manoeuvres could introduce fresh twists, as the story revolves around ingenious combat. This could add to the fight’s excitement and surprise elements.

In addition, we might discover more about Shin’s background and character, as well as the motivations behind Haruma’s actions. It’s possible that we’ll learn more about Sakamoto, Lu, and the other assassins participating in the risky competition known as the Assassin Exhibition of the Century, which is being hosted by the enigmatic Mr. X.