Joyce Slocum Cause of Death: Texas Public Radio’s CEO Passed Away At Age 66 from Colon Cancer.

The station revealed on Monday that Joyce Slocum, who oversaw Texas Public Radio since 2014 and held executive positions at NPR, passed away on Sunday due to complications resulting from colon cancer. She was sixty-six.

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Joyce Slocum Cause of Death:

Sadly, Joyce Slocum, the CEO of Texas Public Radio, passed suddenly from colon cancer yesterday, March 3, 2024, at the age of 66. Her loss was felt dramatically by public radio. Her commitment and enthusiasm made a lasting impression on the TPR.

Her health was declining, and she ended up in the hospital. TPR informed the public of this information in a statement on Thursday.

The statement said, “TPR must share the difficult news that President & CEO Joyce Slocum has entered hospice care after being hospitalized this weekend for complications from a recurrence of her colon cancer.” “The love and support shown for Joyce have been greatly appreciated by her family and the TPR staff.”

We’ll soon have more information regarding the funeral services available. TPR’s vice president of development, Rebecca Caven, has been chosen to serve as acting CEO.

About Slocum:

Slocum’s birthday is April 24, 1957, in Dallas. She studied at Southern Illinois University and St. Louis University School of Law. After practicing corporate law for a few years in a Dallas private practice, Slocum served as 7-Eleven, Inc.’s business and legal advisor from 1984 until 1994. After that, HIT Entertainment hired her as a distributor and producer of kid-friendly media, including “Barney & Friends,” as general counsel and executive vice president for global legal and corporate affairs.

Slocum joined NPR in 2008. For nine months in 2011, she was acting CEO and network president. She joined TPR as a member in 2014.

Under her leadership, TPR rose to prominence in the public media, showcasing her dedication to innovation and community service. Her influence continues to influence TPR’s objectives and tenets. With her leadership abilities and experience, she changed the organization. She inspired her peers and newcomers to the media industry, able to navigate difficult situations and decide what was best for the group. She was the pillar of support for the whole TPR community.

Slocum’s Legacy:

As we say goodbye to a visionary leader, let us continue her exceptional and committed spirit in all we do. Her inventiveness, moral rectitude, and leadership leave a legacy that will impact the sector for many years. Let’s honor this strong woman’s remarkable and devoted spirit as we bid her farewell.


Frank Langfitt has delivered an extensive eulogy for his beloved Slocum.

“I had the privilege of lending a hand at Texas Public Radio’s annual fundraiser last month. Joyce Slocum has done an incredible job creating a regional powerhouse for public radio, offering top-notch local and national coverage of Texas politics, the border, and other topics. Joyce managed the gathering of over 300 guests despite her disease. We recently found out that Joyce had died. It was a tremendous loss for public radio and a shining example of dedication to the cause—which is more vital than ever.

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