Is Natalie Liconti Married? Who is Natalie Liconti Partner?

Natalie Liconti is well-known Canadian non-binary Actor, Visual Effects Producer, Casting Assistant, Writer. They are famous for their work and role as Sterling on Netflix/CW’s “In The Dark” (2020) and Jeff Barnaby’s “Blood Quantum” (Canadian Screen Awards, Prix Iris, Catalonian International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival).

Where is Natalie Liconti from?

Natalie Liconti was born on December 11, 1995 in Toronto, Canada. Natalie Liconti’s age is 30 years as of 2024. Natalie pronouns They/Them. Natalie’s ethnicity is Italian, Filipino, Chinese.

Natalie Liconti did studies at McGill University in Montreal and University of Glasgow in Scotland. Natalie Liconti’s nationality is Canadian.

Who is Natalie Liconti Partner?

Natalie Liconti is known as non-binary and pronouns they/them. They interest and dated both men and women in the past. Currently, they are in a relationship with fellow actor. Natalie Liconti’s partner name is not available, because they have not disclosed to the public.

Natalie Liconti Career

In 2012, Natalie Liconti made their debut as Rebel Girl in the “Havana 57” film. In 2024, Natakie appear in the “Code 8: part 2” and “Carole & Grey” films.

Natalie Liconti acted in many movies and tv shows such as She Keeps Me, Crisis, New tales from the Borederlands, Outriders, In the Dark, party f Five, The Blood Type, The Expanse, Nurses, Brokern Trust, Titans, The Walk-in Closet, Trapped: The Alex Cooper Story, and more.

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