Colleen Orsborn Murder: What We Know About the Chilling Murder Mystery

On March 19, 1984, Colleen vanished from Daytona Beach, Florida. Her body was identified through DNA testing in February 2011. The body was discovered in a small burial close to a lake in Orange County, Florida, not long after Colleen disappeared.

Authorities surmise that Colleen fell victim to Christopher Wilder, a Florida serial murderer who preyed on attractive young ladies and adolescent girls in the early to mid-1980s. He is a suspect in the cases of Rosario Gonzales, Elizabeth Kenyon, Tammy Leppert, and Mary Opitz, whose disappearances remain unsolved. Less than a month after Colleen disappeared, in mid-April 1984, Wilder was shot and murdered by police.

More than three decades ago, when Orsburn vanished from her Daytona Beach, Florida, home at the age of fifteen, CBS Boston reported. A month after going missing, her partially charred remains was discovered, and it wasn’t until 2011 that her identity was revealed.

Police believe Orsburn was a victim of serial murderer Christopher Wilder, also known as the “Beauty Queen Killer,” an Australian-born man connected to at least eight recorded rapes, killings, and kidnappings early that year.

An important piece of evidence in the case has always been a wallet that was discovered at the site and contained pictures of four young, unnamed girls. It was revealed later that one of the girls in the photos had lost the wallet, and that the other girls have been identified. Police were able to link the images to Miller Studio, a Quincy, Massachusetts photo developer. The females in the pictures have since been identified by authorities, following the pictures’ release.

It turns out that one of the girls in the pictures was the owner of the wallet containing the images, and she reported to the police that she had misplaced it while on vacation that year. And so, the wallet had come up not far from the scene of the crime.