$943 SSI Payment in March: An Explainer

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment serves as a lifeline for many Americans, providing vital support to low-income individuals with disabilities. This financial assistance program enables individuals over 65 with minimal or no income to access essential services, alleviate poverty, and actively engage in society. Unlike Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which necessitates earning work credits, SSI eligibility is contingent on meeting specific criteria.

Beneficiaries scheduled to receive the $943 SSI payment in March 2024 include low-income adults and children with disabilities who rely on monthly financial assistance. To qualify, individuals must meet strict income and disability criteria, enduring physical or mental limitations for at least a year. Payment distribution varies based on recipient circumstances:

1. Sole SSI recipients receive payment on Friday, March 1st, 2024, or the preceding business day if March 1st falls on a weekend or holiday.
2. Individuals receiving both Social Security and SSI payments receive their SSI payment on March 1st, with Social Security payments disbursed separately according to birthdate.

Additionally, eligible recipients may receive an additional $472, attributed to an essential person (EP). An EP is someone who has continuously resided with the qualified individual since December 1973, without receiving state assistance or prior SSI benefits. Although the EP increment boosts benefit amounts, the essential person’s income and resources factor into overall eligibility and payment calculations, potentially impacting the final monthly payment. The EP concept, although diminishing in relevance since the inception of the SSI program, remains integral to determining eligibility and benefit amounts for qualified individuals.