Wyoming Swimmers Charlie Clark Cause of Death and Obituary

An accident occurred on Thursday in which three people were killed when a vehicle carrying the University of Wyoming swimming and diving team crashed. Among these three people, one was from Las Vegas; his name was Charlie Clark, and he was 19 years old. He was a sophomore on the men’s team and a psychology major.

Clark’s mother, Anna Clark, an attorney in the Clark County public defender’s office, said her son had the biggest heart and always looked to help others.

Amongst the other two people who died, one of them was Clark, Carson Muir from Birmingham, Alabama, and other was Luke Slabber from Cape Town, Africa. There were two more people present inside the car at the time of the accident are injured. The Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle veered off-road and rolled on U.S. Highway 287 in Larimer County, about 10 miles south of the Wyoming-Colorado border.

The Associated Press released that the driver of the vehicle swerved off the road, possibly to avoid another vehicle, causing it to roll multiple times. The driver and an injured passenger were released from the hospital on Friday.

That section of highway has been the scene of previous fatal crashes, including one in 2001 that killed eight members of a University of Wyoming cross-country team and another in 2021 that killed three other University of Wyoming students, according to the report released by the Guardian.

The two injured men were taken to the hospital by the university officials and then released after treatment. They were aged 20 and 21, and the driver of the vehicle was one of the survivors.

After the crash, the school’s Director of Athletics, Tom Burman, paid condolences to the families of the victims.

Tom Burman, UW Director of Athletics

Colorado State Patrol officials said the SUV was heading south and not on an official team trip. They said the vehicle slowed down to possibly turn left onto Red Mountain Road. However, the driver swerved left, drove off the shoulder of the road, and the vehicle rolled multiple times.

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